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As students of the University of Rosenheim come from the most diverse places and cultures in the world, we are interested in meeting new people and cultures, presenting ours, sharing experiences in and outside of Rosenheim and having fun. This takes place in the course of the various events we organize, one of them being our meetings every second Wednesday.
Our first and introductive meeting will take place on April 6th, where the semester program will be introduced in more detail. At the following meeting on April 20th, we will have an international three course dinner – each course from a different culture.
Various activities will be organized for the following events, such as: visiting the theater, the opera or a museum, hiking, picnics, cooking & eating together, weekend getaways and more, all in accordance with the needs of all participants.
We look forward to meeting you at our events and having a wonderful time together during the upcoming semester.

To participate, please send an email with the subject “Cultural exchange” to: interesse@hochschulgemeinde.de

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